About us

  As a child I stayed in the kitchen baking with my grandmother. The love she had for cooking and baking lives in me. I have a passion for unique flavors and thinking outside the box. I took my grandmother's recipes and added my own twist.  It wasn't until seven years ago when I had a dream of my deceased father that forever changed my passion for baking. Since that dream I created the banana pudding cupcake. Till this day it is the #1 selling item. Everyone just can't get enough of it!

Edible Couture is a "made to order" bakery who specialize in small desserts. Everything is made fresh. We use great quality ingredients that helps to achieve the best taste.

Edible Couture is about love, passion and commitment to give our clients the best dessert experience your mouth has ever tasted. No boring desserts in our kitchen.

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 Visit us at: 129 Court St, New Haven, CT 06511

 Hours: Tues thru Sat 11am-6pm